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The resilience of inflatable packaging prevents shock or vibration from damaging the contents being protected. The inflatable cushioning is made from a Coex LDPE film, giving it a higher resistance to puncture or air loss.

compared to other engineered products, inflatable packaging is environmentally sound, as the bulk waste produced is significantly lower than other options. Inflatable cushioning can be produced on demand, saving space as un-inflated product takes up significantly less space than other forms of void fill.

Best Protection


resilient durable inflatable cushioning

protects products from shock and vibration

provides excellent protection

when compared to molded EPS and other conventional packaging materials on multiple drops.

7 layer coex LDPE barrier film with nylon

provides superior air retention and extra strength against puncture.

Reduced Waste



flat Air-Paq inflatable packaging reduced the total amount of solid waste vs. molded EPS and foam related materials

recyclable and reusable

Air-Paq is reusable and the material film is recyclable as well

size reduction

outer packaging size can be reduced to save materials and reduce waste

Total Packaging Savings


with Air-Paq package inserts

less material

it means a smaller cube which in turn reduces shipping cost

lower manufacturing cost

compared to other engineered packaging contributes to lower total costs

space savings

space savings provide reduced warehouse and handling costs, increased shelf utilization and more material available right at the packing stations

Custom Inflatable Packaging


with Air-Paq package inserts

one-step process

one-step process reduces production line labor costs

superior protection

inflatable packaging offers superior protection means safe arrival and reduced damage costs

total Packaging Savings

total Packaging Savings of these factors equals up to 45%

Eco Friendly


Deflated, flat Air-Paq inflatable packaging reduced the total amount of solid waste vs. molded EPS and foam related materials, Air-Paq film is recyclable and reusable as well.